Epal/Euro Pallets & Timber

We supply Epal/Euro Pallets made with Pine/Spruce/fir or leaf wood -container load quantities of 600 Pallets minimum. Non Epal/Euro pallets are also available at lower prices.

We can also supply similar wood/lumber for pallet making and for construction uses in large quantities. All our timber is Kiln Dried, as per ISPM 15, in various sizes as required.

We are associated with large timber contractors, licensed woodland/forest owners for the supply both Hard and Softwood for furniture and construction industry from Europe and other countries.

All our Pallets are Heat treated, and come with Phsytosanitary Certificate, Euro/Epal Certificate, Heat treatment certificate ISPM 15 and other usual shipping documents necessary for clearance. Contact us with quantity required and Port of destination for more information.

Various hard wood flooring is also available, mainly oak, maple pine, etc.

Bio Fuel consumables - mainly Pellets, briquettes, saw dust and chips available in huge quantities with DIN 51731 specifications, with no chemical additives and impurities, complying with high quality standards.
Production is well controlled, and the products are clean and free of any foreign materials.  


We are involved in the supply of Solar Panels and power storage systems from well established companies in UK and Europe.

All our Solar Panels are carefully sourced for their high quality and are well tested & approved by British & European Standards.


The panels would ideally suit the conditions and requirements for upcoming Asian & African markets and come with necessary warranties & certification from British & European Authorities & comply with all UK/European & International Standards. Warranties extend from 10 to 25 years on performance and quality.


Our company is your right source for a wide range of Ship spares – main & auxiliary engine, air compressor, both new and overhauled, pumps, motors, turbochargers, crankshaft etc. Please contact us for any other related products of for your urgent needs. We are well connected in this field for a variety of spares both new and reconditioned and can arrange immediate delivery by Air anywhere at short notice.


We have readily available stock of D2, Fuel Oil, Mazut and Jp54 etc., to the seriously committed, well-funded end buyers, for both commercial and Government contracts. Kindly send LOI for your requirements with full specification.

Ethinol and Bio-diesel are also available.


We are well connected to a wide group of reputed mines throughout the world for your requirement of Coal. All grades can be sourced for your long term requirements at a very competitive rate.

Ilmenite is also available in large quantities with different specifications.

For Timber - Epal Pallets - Timber for Construction & Packaging – Solar Panels -Petroleum Products - Coal – Metals - Agricultural Products – Sugar – Wheat – Etc.


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